skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


from sneeze to shining sneeze.

Somewhere between slaving over forty page papers and being in constant need of an entire box of Kleenex, we managed to escape to one of the greatest getaway spots of Western PA: Ohiopyle. It's more of a creek than a sea, but I couldn't resist making our blog comeback title as magnificent as Shane's face in the picture below.
It was too cold to swim, but staying dry isn't an option when rock hopping. Our final destination: the huge rock below. Try to wrap your head around the unorthodox amounts of fun that were had on this thing...
too much.



martha stewart, can you hear me?

clockwise: anchor pendant, red lipstick, teeth paper clip, travel gnome, easy button, tide to go pen, mini sewing scissors, wooden matchsticks, tei-fu essential oils (which heals everything)
clockwise: drink umbrella, balancing game block, vintage gold chain, mechanical pencil, burt's bees lip balm, tennis ball keychain and keys, essie nailpolish in 'shorty pants', liquid eyeliner, votive candle
clockwise: chip bag clip, my wallet, nollie perfume, finger puppet from old boss, my toothbrush, sponge bob band-aid, gogo squeez apple sauce, push pins
Anyone who's still holding a grudge over 'camp cupcake' can go trash talk Martha somewhere else, 'cause she never stopped being my idol! Last time I opened up an issue of Martha Stewart Living, I literally tried to live on the page. I may or may not have gotten kicked out of the store.

This post was inspired by where is harriet?, who was inspired by the flickr group organized collection. I was so in my element digging for things in my apartment (I lose things all the time) - although the result of that digging isn't normally a nice and neat desk...I'd be lying if I didn't admit to putting all these objects back into their respective messy corners of my room to make space for a new photo. I'll have to work on that. Maybe Martha's up for hire?

'til next time,
christen :)


blame it on the weather man

I'm really not sure what this weather means for the world, but I know it can't be good. It's 70 right now, it's going to be 45 tomorrow, and then it'll bounce around between 49 and 68 for the following four days. How's a girl supposed to know how to dress?! Make up your mind, weather man!
h&m nantes trench, f21 sweater, delia*s black jeans, rite aid headband. that's right, rite aid.
Anyways, I love this place. It's perfect when in need of's this mysterious structure that simply looks like a big stone wall from the highway, but when you approach it on foot, you find steps on either side, leading up to a little castle-garden-type thing. And when you sit down, the passing traffic never knows you're there. It's marvelous. Even in the rain =]