skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


what you see is what you get

new era A's hat, arizona long sleeve, bullhead flannel, levi's 511 navy blue, blue nixon supras
 It's your captain checking in and the sea is looking mighty fine today.  Chance of mermaid rainbows and stella-lunar dancing once the big yellow ball decides to drop.  I see my fellow sailors are rarin' to go so lets not waste any time shipping out!  
Its been a radical past few weeks with loads of great flicks seen, outdoor adventures embarked upon and at the end of it all I'm still intact and sporting my patented mixture of blue and earth-tone greens.  Water and nature remain two of my most prized possessions in this world and lucky me they're all over the place!  Wilderness meets its more shapely cousin, the city, in these two pinups and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the results ;)

sonoma long-sleeve, levi's trucker jacket, bullhead olive jeans, classic supras

all hail is breaking loose

Lacy made a pun today, and that put me in the mood to make some too. Hence the title. 

I should have snapped some pictures of the ping pong ball sized hail (I refuse to succumb to calling it golf ball sized!) that fell over Pittsburgh earlier, but I was too busy playing umbrella tug-of-war with Shane on our treacherous walk to Taco Bell, to really care to document it. 
So then, I figured I'd find a breathtaking picture that somebody else in the world was courageous enough to take, and prove their dedication to magnificent photography over a shantily protected noggin by posting it on the internet...but apparently there is no such superhuman. And thus, I shall post pictures of other things that only sort of relate to hail.

Like this queen.
And this queen-sized bed.
And these pictures of me bearing extremely loose resemblance to a queen, on my queen-sized bed.*
express sweater, modcloth tutu
*it's secretly my couch. ;)



kisses, not pinches!

Note: for some reason, the photos weren't loading when I tried to post this on Thursday. So I'm posting it today, instead!
finders-keepers headband courtesy of Ty, h&m shirt, h&m sailor pants, j.crew flats 
I put notes written in green pen under my pillow and tied green strings around my finger all week, and still I forgot to wear green for St. Patty's Day! Yet somehow, the only pinch I got was one I told a friend to give me (I gave her one and felt bad not getting one in return)...although now that I think of it I should've just held off and placed bets with someone on how long I could go without getting pinched. Winner gets a pot of gold. Now that would've been festive. I'll have to remember not to wear green again next year ;)

Instead, I dressed like a sailor...a bag lady sailor. Even my dad knows you're not supposed to wear wide legged pants with a slouchy shirt (he sometimes reminds me). Don't ask me what I was thinking. I must have accidentally been sold a circus mirror that makes me look all...not how I really look.

Photo cred: friendly dudes walking down the street, whose names have now escaped me. Sorry, guys! I hope apartment hunting went well!



post-war sci-fi bunkers

 I came across this article while daydreaming about the beaches of Normandy and what became of all the defunct structures still dotting the coast.  The pictures are cooler than I imagined and are a slightly creepy reminder of what lies in once tragically wartorn areas.  I can't help but wonder what they'll be used for in the future if this group of wildcats are already holding bizarre climbing events up the low stone walls of bunkers in Holland.  They call it bouldering and quite frankly I found it a little wack.  I can dig the fact that its fun to freeclimb just about anything but seeing the fun up close and personal is funky.  Let us know if you could see yourself going bouldering anytime soon and we'd love to tag along!



sharing different heartbeats in one night

explode on screen. twist volume knob well past ten. let the noise be your smell and see with your eyes

while all you cheery kids hang loose under the sun there is a far darker world waiting for you in the North.  Dismally wet and windy, it's been a day of zones and 1 dimensional vibes.  The rain never stops, the drips never cease falling..trick, trock, blip blooop but have no fear. Being the masters of our own biology we can reside in the warm dry recesses of our nature-dominating structures and longingly reminisce over a time we may never have experienced.  This music video is a combination of iconic visions of the 70's best coast and sounds that I may have known in a time before.  It's oddly nostalgic and utterly joyous to watch.  The ass-kicking electrons fronting the wonderful tunes are Swedish pop duo The Knife.  Their album Deep Cuts is a walk on the wild side between funeral and rebirth; taking you to places your brain mysteriously claims you know...It takes two to groove so grab the knife by the blade and delve into a scene we all can dream about.

-mcshimmey shane


scabs & hags

You wanna know the best part about Iceland? That it exists. And it has people standing within its borders that have enough valuable mush in their skulls to broadcast that. Look! (Open it up and make it full screen.)

Tyler said that the two "girls at the beginning = Scabs and Hags"...which would be me & my girl Lindsay. I just saw curiosity flicker in your eye. Hers (Hags) makes sense because it comes from her last name, but mine...well, mine has no rhyme or reason to it whatsoever. I happened to have the faint remnants of a scab in my nose leftover from wintertime when I got the nickname, but that's about it. The way I see it, the more unflattering nickname, the more flattering girl. We'll go with that for now...

Anyways, we learned the dance the girls do (it's our new secret handshake), and I don't know about Hags, but I have full intentions of getting an Iceland-inspired sweater in the n.t.d. future. To wear during the summer, of course. Hmm..?



the eye patch

I was going to open up this post with a golden picture of me in a seaworthy pirate stance on this couch I swashbuckled (I turned that word into something new), but it ended up rather Lindsay-Lohan-getting-out-of-a-car, and I didn't want the tabloids all over me, so instead you just get me plain old standing on a nasty abandoned couch. Just what you've been waiting for!
aa dress, j.crew striped tee, aa tights, f21 legwarmers
Man, my skin really blends in with that paint...I guess now I know if I ever need to hide I can just take off all my clothes and stand by that wall.
Hiya! Okay, now here's the eye patch in action ^ and really, it's true, I do very much have only a half-view of the world with that thing on.
And now for a statement (because if I call it a confession, it'll give it more of a negative overcast than I'd prefer): Today is Day 22, my self-declared final day of the 30 for 30. Say what you will, but with a fresh new month of springiness dangling its good vibes in my face, I'm too eager to tell you all about nail-biting adventures instead of standing around in the same old clothes around my apartment everyday. Ya know? Maybe when I'm no longer a student (so soon...why did I remind myself?!), I'll give remixing another go, in another season. Cool? Cool.

Goodbye, winter 30 for 30! It's been real, it's been good...but has it been real good?

<3 christen