skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


dreaming of: simplicity.

Hi, all! Because Shane's internship camera needs come first, and also due to my computer's lack of card reader, it's been tough to get outfit/adventure photos up over the past week. However, I'm back for my second round of my new inspiration series to tell you what I'm wanting to live the rest of my life in (...this week).

Just like with songwriters and some artists, I believe that it takes something special to concoct detailed outfits that are incredibly eye-catching and unique, however it takes even truer talent to create something simple that's just as striking. A lot of the garments in these photos are similar to ones I have in my wardrobe, and you probably do too, but in my attempts to make a great outfit, I often forget that sometimes it simply takes a top, a bottom, and a pair of shoes to look great. I expressed a similar interest not too long ago, when I posted about Madewell's Spring 2012 Lookbook!)
The same goes for guys! While not a ton of guys I know wear anything too complex, it's nice to remember that a plain tee and a pair of jeans, when they fit well, look amazing (a concept Jace has down pat!).
Thanks for bearing with us as we shuffle around cameras! Have a good one :)


*click on photos to be taken to their source.


dreaming of: length.

Who can relate to my ferverous fits of fashion, that go something like: 
1. the 'nothing to wear' mini break down we all know too well
2. the 'muuust...go...onnn' attitude being the only thing keeping me from just going back to bed to avoid getting dressed altogether
3. the assembly line of passing clothes from closet to body to floor
4. eureka! Finally finding the outfit that could
4. the definitive decision, meaning, I conclude that if I had a variation of this outfit to wear every day, I'd be set for life (which inevitably only lasts a week, tops)

Beginning today, I'm going to share with you a weekly inspiration post that spotlights a style I would wear every day for the rest of my existence...if I could only make up my mind on which one to choose! My latest neurosis: length.
The lust isn't limited to hemlines - it goes for hair, too!
What trends or timeless styles are you craving these days?


*click on photos to be taken to their source. 


european picnic.

The perfect way to spend a beautifully mild, breezy, lazy Sunday in Highland Park. Need we say more?
my tj maxx tunic, shane's bullhead green jeans, pacsun tee ($4!)
If you'd like to have a delicious European-style picnic of your own, don't forget to pack:
a fresh loaf of bread or baguette
a soft cheese
a cured meat (we chose Delallo spicy sausage)
a perfect red tomato or two
fruit, like grapes, raspberries, or a soft pear
(We also packed hummus, carrots, and tangerine juice for good measure!)

Happy Monday!


it's mathematical.

How many times have you been thrifting, and seen the perfect print on a sweater, skirt, or dress, but wished the piece itself wasn't so outdated? Sometimes that's half the fun of it, but other times it's only an inconvenience. The last time Shane and I made an afternoon of browsing around the Handmade Arcade, we found the perfect solution to that dilemma just before we walked out the door! How cool is this up-cycled sweatshirt by Holly Hue?!
holly hue hoodie via handmade arcade, h&m pants
Sometimes going the handmade route can get pricey, thus defeating one of the main purposes of thrifting altogether, but every now and then these unique creations are totally justifiable...years ago, before I was of the age or interest to even need it, a credit card commercial taught me this simple equation to rationalize any semi-pricey purchase I neede help insisting would be worthwhile...

price of garment ÷ the amount of times you wear that garment = actual price of garment.

;) christen 


on the riverwalk.

Today's weather flip-flop, complete with snow and windchills below our April comfort zone, might bring some of you down. Then again it might have some of you freaks out there jumping for joy, but if nothing else can lift your spirit today, let it be these three radiant ladies who are sure to make anyone let loose a big, old fashioned ear-to-ear.  
"Act natural!"
I was ever-so lucky to enjoy lunch and an afternoon stroll with the lovely Christen and two faces who are new to our posts, Kelly and Bridget. It's been a hot second since we were first introduced to Bridget and Kelly on the bass-filled dance floor of the DJ Mike Kim household, but not a beat has been skipped! I'll let the pictures talk for themselves, but if you catch one of these three beauties on the street, give them your best five second jig for being above the norm and never backing down from a good time.


faces of friends.

Sid's taking a time out as he waits to go into the stadium.

This past Saturday, we headed downtown to meet some friends at the Pirates/Phillies tailgate. Between home team fans, a few too many traitors, and a few who were there just for the fun of it, we thought we'd show off the both lovely and silly sides of some of our pals, because...well, sometimes it gets boring just looking at the same hands-on-hips pose I can't seem to shake! 

Cody came dressed as his dad to the game.
John's looking defeated after a tailgate game loss  
Lindsay...being a horder ;)
Doozer and Shane showing off their prettiest faces.
Tom posing 'for the blog' (your wish is my command, Tom!)
Noah photo-bombing Nate's classic good-time.

Hope you had a nice weekend, as well!



my many layers.

anthro jacket (sale), j.crew sweater, anthro top, j.crew skirt, j.crew tights, golden ponies T-straps, h&m bracelet and earrings
(Excuse my elephant ankles - I've way over-worn these tights, but haven't yet found the right replacement for their perfect color!)
Every year, right when spring rolls around, I have a mini freak-out that I soon won't have the opportunity to wear all the wooly and wintry things I love so much (or that I hadn't worn at all yet). So, last week, when these photos were taken, I went for some of my favorites all at once! Luckily, the 80 degree weather had taken a quick break that day, so it wasn't too absurd that I was all bundled up :)

We hope you have a lovely weekend, full of much music and your favorite friends!


P.S. sorry my images are a bit smaller than usual - I've been having a tough time with them the past few days, and hope to work the issue out ASAP!

Photos taken by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.


straight steppin'.

You know pretty quickly when you find the 'real deal.' That real deal could be an awesome band or painting that struck you so genuinely that not an ounce of doubt says otherwise. I'm going to go ahead and just say it. I love graffiti. Not every scratch and scribble but nearly everything. It brightens the otherwise bleak grey slabs of our concrete jungle and embeds a hidden language beneath the urban fabric visible to all--translatable to only a few. I've witnessed all kinds of graffiti. Big bombs, tiny tags, black and whites, and throw-ups with 10+ colors. On this ordinary Sunday afternoon we stumbled on an even more permanent and creative form of human hand on landscape. The pieces were subtle, timeless, and inspiring. The tagging crew NSF (Not Strictly Freights) were responsible for the tedious stair side "TRY." Loads of other drifters shared their passing thoughts in paint, ink and chalk.  
You're probably wondering where all the authenticity is in a centuries old tradition of writing on walls with pigment. So what if Pittsburgh has some paint? See below for Exhibit A. This playful little steel creation is pin-slammed to the concrete guarding the Hollow below and showing the glorious stages of rust.
This crafty spindling street piece held old coins and a few can tabs in its basin while a simple metal THOR is pinned in place on the telephone pole--wonders of the undergrowth.
Moving along our trek to the Hollow and back, we scored a glimpse of an antique version of BESOS who has a bunch of colorful pieces in sly spots all around the city. Next time you're oot n aboot in this lovely urban expanse, look a little closer near those fascinating graffiti spots and maybe you'll find signs of the oddballs who dug their steel teeth right in the ground for a piece of stair-front property where they'll likely live forever.

Here's a helpful guide to discovering the hundreds of Pittsburgh steps that we explored in the photos above. Check a few out and go monkey around on 'em if you feel so obliged. Too many have grown closed or crumbled apart to wait much longer...

To all our friendlies out there,
We Love you ALL!



one day at a time.

Well, hello there! It's been a bit, hasn't it? Here are some photos from a super-sunny day!
anthro dress (sale), target tights, jeffrey campbell booties via modcloth, anthro necklace (sale), martin + osa bracelet
I've never been too huge on blog apologies - as much as I miss my favorite bloggers when they can't find the time to post for a few days, it's almost refreshing as well, to realize that sometimes they're too busy with their lives or families, or sometimes they need to take the time to be re-inspired, or sometimes they just plain old don't feel like posting. And that's okay. In a community where people you've never met feel like your friends, it's a nice reminder that they're actually real people.

For me, I'm simply trying to figure out how to juggle this outlet with a full-time job and an action-oriented state of mind/set of friends; Shane, with a full slate of classes, an internship, and the overwhelming endeavor of finding a post-grad job (which can be a job in and of itself). Soon you'll start to see photos of some of the adventures we've been on in our free time, and hopefully before long we'll pick up with the projects that come along with a spring/summer attitude, which we'll document for you, of course!

And don't forget - if there's something or someone you would like to see more of on from the woods., drop by our facebook page and let us know!

<3 christen