skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


on the riverwalk.

Today's weather flip-flop, complete with snow and windchills below our April comfort zone, might bring some of you down. Then again it might have some of you freaks out there jumping for joy, but if nothing else can lift your spirit today, let it be these three radiant ladies who are sure to make anyone let loose a big, old fashioned ear-to-ear.  
"Act natural!"
I was ever-so lucky to enjoy lunch and an afternoon stroll with the lovely Christen and two faces who are new to our posts, Kelly and Bridget. It's been a hot second since we were first introduced to Bridget and Kelly on the bass-filled dance floor of the DJ Mike Kim household, but not a beat has been skipped! I'll let the pictures talk for themselves, but if you catch one of these three beauties on the street, give them your best five second jig for being above the norm and never backing down from a good time.

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