skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


my many layers.

anthro jacket (sale), j.crew sweater, anthro top, j.crew skirt, j.crew tights, golden ponies T-straps, h&m bracelet and earrings
(Excuse my elephant ankles - I've way over-worn these tights, but haven't yet found the right replacement for their perfect color!)
Every year, right when spring rolls around, I have a mini freak-out that I soon won't have the opportunity to wear all the wooly and wintry things I love so much (or that I hadn't worn at all yet). So, last week, when these photos were taken, I went for some of my favorites all at once! Luckily, the 80 degree weather had taken a quick break that day, so it wasn't too absurd that I was all bundled up :)

We hope you have a lovely weekend, full of much music and your favorite friends!


P.S. sorry my images are a bit smaller than usual - I've been having a tough time with them the past few days, and hope to work the issue out ASAP!

Photos taken by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.


  1. I'm jealous. I haven't had the opportunity to wear that many layers at all this year.
    Hating Florida weather.

    1. that's Pittsburgh for ya - 80 degrees today, 55 tomorrow haha it's kinda crappy at times, but makes for a nice opportunity to wear wool sweaters and cotton sundresses all in one week ;)


  2. Thanks!
    cute outfit. love the color of your tights! :)


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