skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


snowed in at the helter shelter

This is the face of a man excited beyond belief.  This wide-eyed, smiling mug should be found on everyone's face at some point in their lives. So if any of you out there have never been to a live show, you need to put a brick through your computer screen right this second--step out the front door and set up camp outside the closest venue until the next show before the toxins in the water get to you first.  It will be a guaranteed awesome experience and hopefully, if you play your cards right, your ears will be ringing with the thrashing sounds of rock until Christmas.  So for some incentive, I'm here to tell you about our latest dive under the mainstream fabric into a place they call Helter Shelter.
 Three bands from the east side of the state came out and completely blew the roof off.  Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader and 1994! (from Lancaster, my birthplace) were trios of raw power.
The mic broke early on so the sound consisted of super-technical riffs and melodic percussion bounding off the walls of the living room.  Yep, they played in a living room because Helter Shelter is just a punk kid's paradise in another punk kid's house in Lawrenceville!  There was even a hot pot of spaghetti sitting on the kitchen counter to feast on between acts.  I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking but I leave you with this: a roving pit of sweated out humans all slashing their hands and heads to the same beat isn't something machines can produce, or sunscreen can protect from.  It's one of those things that when you're in there with musicians simply killing it, the wave of chills never stops rolling and the juices don't stopping pumping, giving you a memory you'll never forget.
check out our epic shield we went to battle with
slightly different scene from the daylight shot...:)
Our epic night at Helter Shelter was no exception and this gutted car we kicked it on might never get a happier crew of passengers.  Never stop rockin,


one big bundle of bases

There's something about a good stone wall that makes me just want to be near it. And climb it. There's no way to explain the feeling...just like you can't explain love. Which leads me to the conclusion that they're one in the same.

Boy (as he wraps his true love in his arms): Darling, tell me how you feel about me...
Girl (as she gazes into his eyes): Stone wall, baby, stone wall.
anthro top, modcloth harem pants, zara paris scarf, necklace handmade by aunt kim, f21 bracelet, american eagle sandals, lucky bag (below)
On another note, I remember watching an episode of What Not to Wear awhile back, during which Stacy assured a questionable dress-er that she can, in fact, wear black with brown because they're both base colors, which can always be mixed. I took that advice to an extreme this time and went for black, brown, gray and tan, with a white bracelet. Subtle, yet revolutionary. (Unlike my personality.)


3 guys, 1 girl, and 14 wheels

Yesterday's weather was absolutely perfect (yet again), so the boys and I celebrated Mother Nature's good mood by going on a bike riding/longboarding adventure on a trail that lines the Allegheny River. If there's one thing I was told in every writing class, it's to "not say it if someone else has already said it better," and although nobody has beat me to describing our little hurrah (at least I hope not...that would be creepy), I feel my words just can't do it any more justice than the pictures we took, can. So if you find our ride so inspiring that witty commentary pops into your head, please do share. :)
dress c/o boutique in california, vintage belt, urban outfitters skipper sneaks, vintage jc penny bike
billabong shirt, prototype plaid shorts, supreme hat, electric shades, sector 9 longboard
on dave (top right): nike brazen 6.0 shoes, sector 9 longboard
how's that for a good lookin' group of fellas to spend my day with?
'til next time,


datamosh rocks

After a long days work trucking countless loads of Jimmy John's subs to the hungry arsenal of Oakland area employees, I was in dire need of some chill time. Do I spend it hanging out on our fire escape bungalow...
...or lounging in the cool avoiding every ray of burning sunlight? While debating what I should do, I surfed through my daily mix of inter-web discoveries and wound up with this gem of smooth and calm transitions through a variety of wonderful scenes:
The song could be a bit more upbeat, but the feel was achieved all the same. I found myself awaiting the next scene far too urgently and slowly became more patient and enjoyed the in-between datamoshing that so beautifully occurred. Gliding in that midpoint between panic and total relaxation is a fond place to be so if you agree, check the link out and just relax. Ok? It's easy, fun and healthier than you can imagine. Adios amigos.


magic jake and the cardboard fish

Summer is already rolling by like the careless thunderclouds up above but the air is free and our spirits higher than ever. Music and soft warm breezes dance daily through our souls and hardly a cloud was out of place this past Sunday when I was awarded the privilege to take a spin to the Point for the Three Rivers Arts Festival with 3 lovely ladies and our magical friend named Jake.
the fountain at the point
While the smell of melting asphalt and the slow paced saunter of summer dwellers in Oakland is a relaxing way to count the hours, spending the afternoon with quirked-out friends, dogs of all shapes and sizes and abnormally large cardboard fish will win out on most occasions.  
christen in american eagle bandeau, zara top, mossimo shorts, modcloth harmonica necklace
magic jake in a borrowed shirt from shane, griffith striped shorts, gravity sidewalk surfer
molly in h&m black romper and vintage purse
lauren in h&m striped dress

shane in dockers shorts, mtv vintage tee and homemade hemp necklace by christen
So Sunday afternoon, we caught the bus and hit the shaded streets of downtown Pittsburgh for some unique art displays and festival food to die for. Sliding alongside myself and the ladies was our brah Jake, who displays a witty and tripped out persona that rubs off good vibes almost instantly upon his arrival. Reaching the end of the artist's tents at the fest, we found an eerie scene of eclectically painted aquatic life sprawled out on the sun-parched grass. We rescued the poor little guys and picketed our fishy friends all the way back to their new home in Lacy's front garden (people actually asked what we were on strike for!  "Adopt a fish," we told them, obviously!"). Jake skating down the sidewalk with his fish held in front of his face might have been the most magical moment we witnessed all weekend, and without a doubt the best finale to a hot day on the front lines of the Three Rivers Festival scene.  
if magic jake doesn't put a smile on your face, check out baldy in the back picking out his new special fish friend!