skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


datamosh rocks

After a long days work trucking countless loads of Jimmy John's subs to the hungry arsenal of Oakland area employees, I was in dire need of some chill time. Do I spend it hanging out on our fire escape bungalow...
...or lounging in the cool avoiding every ray of burning sunlight? While debating what I should do, I surfed through my daily mix of inter-web discoveries and wound up with this gem of smooth and calm transitions through a variety of wonderful scenes:
The song could be a bit more upbeat, but the feel was achieved all the same. I found myself awaiting the next scene far too urgently and slowly became more patient and enjoyed the in-between datamoshing that so beautifully occurred. Gliding in that midpoint between panic and total relaxation is a fond place to be so if you agree, check the link out and just relax. Ok? It's easy, fun and healthier than you can imagine. Adios amigos.

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