skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


3 guys, 1 girl, and 14 wheels

Yesterday's weather was absolutely perfect (yet again), so the boys and I celebrated Mother Nature's good mood by going on a bike riding/longboarding adventure on a trail that lines the Allegheny River. If there's one thing I was told in every writing class, it's to "not say it if someone else has already said it better," and although nobody has beat me to describing our little hurrah (at least I hope not...that would be creepy), I feel my words just can't do it any more justice than the pictures we took, can. So if you find our ride so inspiring that witty commentary pops into your head, please do share. :)
dress c/o boutique in california, vintage belt, urban outfitters skipper sneaks, vintage jc penny bike
billabong shirt, prototype plaid shorts, supreme hat, electric shades, sector 9 longboard
on dave (top right): nike brazen 6.0 shoes, sector 9 longboard
how's that for a good lookin' group of fellas to spend my day with?
'til next time,


  1. You forgot to mention that your shoes match your vintage bike!

  2. Ah yes, I was so excited to find they matched too! =]


  3. This looks like too much fun... I especially love the shot of you zooming on your bike and grinning!

  4. it WAS so much fun :) i love watching those guys skate through a crowd of hardcore cyclists, looking like a little motley crew, haha!



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