skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


new digs, new kicks, no reason to stop singing

I'll never come out and say I spend too much time on my bike, but Friday I might have come close. I was all decked out in recent birthday presents (messenger bag, pants and shoes), and although it's rare for me to wear new clothes during a full day of heated up biking, a solid pair of shoes only last so in my mind, you gotta blow em out doing things you enjoy. Some like their 'pumped up kicks' preserved and pristine, but I prefer mine weathered and beaten by the end of their days.
chrome messenger bag, uo pants, globe heathen shoes, specialized road racer
...what better way to remember the countless miles traveled than a visibly loved pair of kicks and a hardened set of legs? 


the gears are in motion, the sun's at our backs...oh the many surprises we have up our sleeves.  its just a tuesday, but so much more right?


Well, old apartment, that was fun! I've officially moved back home and am living among boxes and bags that could potentially stay where they are for the remainder of my life. And somehow, that doesn't even bother me*! In the meantime, I'll just have to live vicariously through Shane, who inhabits a fresh apartment that's just waiting to be postered and partied in. That is my new photoshoot location for now..
*not at all true.
anthro top, anthro skirt, vintage belt, modcloth shoes (necklace broke before it made it into the pics!)
We're working on a video tribute to 515 Semple, by the way, so check back soon for that!


rocky mountain high

view atop St. Mary's glacier
 well it's been real Colorado, and I'm sorry to leave, but I guess this is more of a "goodday" than a "goodbye." it'll be awfully sad not waking up to snow-topped mammoth mountains rising grandly out my bedroom window--only the long open road between you and that next big feature. but I will return. for now, the action was radical and the excitement remained at a constant high. following a morning of ziplining and a delicious lunch of beef brisket sandwiches we hit the rapids along the Arkansas River and fought wall after wall of sheer white water force. only a handful of class 3 and 4 rapids stood between us and a safe trip home, but we battled strong and after a few mishaps, flip-outs and whoop-dee-doos we managed to keep her topside and find land just in time. this journey is a must for all you thrill seekers out there.  fast paced, wild and sweetest of all, the most refreshing thing to do on a hot day in Royal Gorge, Colorado.  so sit back and enjoy this fisheye view of rafting on the Arkansas from a safe and dry distance atop my ever-important helmet.  if you get a chance, go rafting and be free. or, go run up a hillside and see how cool the earth looks from just a few hundred (or thousand feet up). chances are you won't regret the decision. rafting is one hell of a liberation and you never know what you'll encounter along the shores of an ancient railway. it's a bone yard down there and you'll love every second of it. 

before packing it in and heading back to Denver we had a day on the road including a stop and short hike up St. Mary's Glacier where the snow is soft as powder and the views don't get any sweeter. just as lightning storm struck we crested the top and took in one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments before heading back down. at the base stood one of the many ghostly remains of a burned out dream of a quaint life in the desperate mountains of Colorado.
back on the road we hit up sulphur hot springs and soaked away any stress in 23 pools of element rich boiling hot water.  the sensation was incredible especially with a chicken sandwich from Mini's Restaurant.  2 spry old ladies manned the station cooking us up a great meal and sending us happily on our way.
i dug the original sign - most likely straight out of the 50's
Mini's was the spot to be with free Wi-Fi, $5 sack lunches and enough love to bring even the rockiest of folks together.
overall, a solid vacation in the books and I hope you all can enjoy a glimpse into a majestic land with endless boundaries.  i encourage all to get up, and explore. "you are now free to move about the country."