skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


new digs, new kicks, no reason to stop singing

I'll never come out and say I spend too much time on my bike, but Friday I might have come close. I was all decked out in recent birthday presents (messenger bag, pants and shoes), and although it's rare for me to wear new clothes during a full day of heated up biking, a solid pair of shoes only last so in my mind, you gotta blow em out doing things you enjoy. Some like their 'pumped up kicks' preserved and pristine, but I prefer mine weathered and beaten by the end of their days.
chrome messenger bag, uo pants, globe heathen shoes, specialized road racer
...what better way to remember the countless miles traveled than a visibly loved pair of kicks and a hardened set of legs? 

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  1. you boldly went for black and navy - brave stylin', cap'n!



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