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it's mathematical.

How many times have you been thrifting, and seen the perfect print on a sweater, skirt, or dress, but wished the piece itself wasn't so outdated? Sometimes that's half the fun of it, but other times it's only an inconvenience. The last time Shane and I made an afternoon of browsing around the Handmade Arcade, we found the perfect solution to that dilemma just before we walked out the door! How cool is this up-cycled sweatshirt by Holly Hue?!
holly hue hoodie via handmade arcade, h&m pants
Sometimes going the handmade route can get pricey, thus defeating one of the main purposes of thrifting altogether, but every now and then these unique creations are totally justifiable...years ago, before I was of the age or interest to even need it, a credit card commercial taught me this simple equation to rationalize any semi-pricey purchase I neede help insisting would be worthwhile...

price of garment ÷ the amount of times you wear that garment = actual price of garment.

;) christen 

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