skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


dreaming of: simplicity.

Hi, all! Because Shane's internship camera needs come first, and also due to my computer's lack of card reader, it's been tough to get outfit/adventure photos up over the past week. However, I'm back for my second round of my new inspiration series to tell you what I'm wanting to live the rest of my life in (...this week).

Just like with songwriters and some artists, I believe that it takes something special to concoct detailed outfits that are incredibly eye-catching and unique, however it takes even truer talent to create something simple that's just as striking. A lot of the garments in these photos are similar to ones I have in my wardrobe, and you probably do too, but in my attempts to make a great outfit, I often forget that sometimes it simply takes a top, a bottom, and a pair of shoes to look great. I expressed a similar interest not too long ago, when I posted about Madewell's Spring 2012 Lookbook!)
The same goes for guys! While not a ton of guys I know wear anything too complex, it's nice to remember that a plain tee and a pair of jeans, when they fit well, look amazing (a concept Jace has down pat!).
Thanks for bearing with us as we shuffle around cameras! Have a good one :)


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