skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


the eye patch

I was going to open up this post with a golden picture of me in a seaworthy pirate stance on this couch I swashbuckled (I turned that word into something new), but it ended up rather Lindsay-Lohan-getting-out-of-a-car, and I didn't want the tabloids all over me, so instead you just get me plain old standing on a nasty abandoned couch. Just what you've been waiting for!
aa dress, j.crew striped tee, aa tights, f21 legwarmers
Man, my skin really blends in with that paint...I guess now I know if I ever need to hide I can just take off all my clothes and stand by that wall.
Hiya! Okay, now here's the eye patch in action ^ and really, it's true, I do very much have only a half-view of the world with that thing on.
And now for a statement (because if I call it a confession, it'll give it more of a negative overcast than I'd prefer): Today is Day 22, my self-declared final day of the 30 for 30. Say what you will, but with a fresh new month of springiness dangling its good vibes in my face, I'm too eager to tell you all about nail-biting adventures instead of standing around in the same old clothes around my apartment everyday. Ya know? Maybe when I'm no longer a student (so soon...why did I remind myself?!), I'll give remixing another go, in another season. Cool? Cool.

Goodbye, winter 30 for 30! It's been real, it's been good...but has it been real good?

<3 christen


  1. You could never hide in those awesome yellow tights!

    Oh and btw your background drove me crazy! I was wiping my screen and switching windows, lol!

  2. Ah, sorry! I guess the dirty white seemed a little do I put something we carry with us all over the place, so that no matter where we end up, we can un-crumple our blog and add to it where we've been, what we've been up to, what we wore that know what I mean?

    There will be many more adventures to come as soon as it's a little less chilly out! Fair weather explorer? Nahh, let's just think of it as waiting til the scenery we show you is much more beautiful =P

    :) christen


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