skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


sharing different heartbeats in one night

explode on screen. twist volume knob well past ten. let the noise be your smell and see with your eyes

while all you cheery kids hang loose under the sun there is a far darker world waiting for you in the North.  Dismally wet and windy, it's been a day of zones and 1 dimensional vibes.  The rain never stops, the drips never cease falling..trick, trock, blip blooop but have no fear. Being the masters of our own biology we can reside in the warm dry recesses of our nature-dominating structures and longingly reminisce over a time we may never have experienced.  This music video is a combination of iconic visions of the 70's best coast and sounds that I may have known in a time before.  It's oddly nostalgic and utterly joyous to watch.  The ass-kicking electrons fronting the wonderful tunes are Swedish pop duo The Knife.  Their album Deep Cuts is a walk on the wild side between funeral and rebirth; taking you to places your brain mysteriously claims you know...It takes two to groove so grab the knife by the blade and delve into a scene we all can dream about.

-mcshimmey shane

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