skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


all hail is breaking loose

Lacy made a pun today, and that put me in the mood to make some too. Hence the title. 

I should have snapped some pictures of the ping pong ball sized hail (I refuse to succumb to calling it golf ball sized!) that fell over Pittsburgh earlier, but I was too busy playing umbrella tug-of-war with Shane on our treacherous walk to Taco Bell, to really care to document it. 
So then, I figured I'd find a breathtaking picture that somebody else in the world was courageous enough to take, and prove their dedication to magnificent photography over a shantily protected noggin by posting it on the internet...but apparently there is no such superhuman. And thus, I shall post pictures of other things that only sort of relate to hail.

Like this queen.
And this queen-sized bed.
And these pictures of me bearing extremely loose resemblance to a queen, on my queen-sized bed.*
express sweater, modcloth tutu
*it's secretly my couch. ;)



  1. Hi I'm following you now

    You have very nice pictures

    Keep going

    Take care !

  2. I want the bed with the yellow headboard. Gorgeous!


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