skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


you know what it is

There are two things to be excited about:

1. I moved from off my fire escape!

2. Best jacket everrrr! And since there's a story behind absolutely everything that has anything to do with me, I'll spare you this time and just leave you knowing that I spotted this jacket in a magazine a long time ago, but never thought I'd find it or be able to afford it if I did...and then I found it on extreme sale at ModCloth a couple years later and voila! It's on my body right now. 

You like how I said I wasn't going to tell you the story, and then I did? It's inevitable. Just be thankful I gave you the abridged version.
modcloth jacket, delia's blouse, uo jeans, i.n.c. shoes
Mmm, so I'm thinkin' the only thing Wiz Khalifa and I have in common is that we both did this gangster thing in front of these old steel mine smoke stacks. That and we both rep Pittsburgh 'cause it's awesome...
'Possum. -christen


  1. That's a killer jacket and you are most definitely rocking it.

  2. Thank you so much! I would wear it every single day if that know...normal. ;)


  3. Love this look. Great shoes and I heart the jeans!


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