skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


christen on ice

Today when I ventured out onto my slippery, snowy fire escape in platforms, I instantly became a ballerina. Cue Tchaikovsky.
When wearing a beret (authentic, from the streets of Paris!), how can one resist?!
j.crew tee, aa skirt, modcloth shoes, Parisian beret, vintage scarf, thrifted gold chain, anthro bracelet
Below is a closeup of my scarf. It was my great grandma's babushka! And don't go thinking I didn't wear it as a babushka while riding in the cart at the grocery store as a kid. 'Cause I definitely did.
And here, a look at my bracelet, which snags every sweater it comes across:
I thought I'd end it with a graceful bow of my own kind ;)



  1. SO ADORABLE! just found your blog and love it!!

  2. You even look like a ballerina in your pink tights! If you had a tutu in your remix, that would be awesome!

    I love this outfit! And your blog is so fresh and fun! Following you. :)

  3. You had me at "pink tights and white beret."

  4. Currently scouring the internet for pink tights. LOVE.

  5. :) I believe mine are from target...I went through many phases of liking/not liking them, but I think they're here to stay! -c


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