skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


because i don't care for this kind of wind (the 16 degree kind)...

I didn't go outside much today. However, I did...

   1. eat a yogurt
   2. make a sexy purchase for the upcoming valentine's day underwear exchange ('panties' is an uncomfortable word, and thus it has not made its way into my vocabulary)
   3. forget my mittens

...and those aren't things that happen every day. I also...

   1. would like to take a nap, but probably won't
   2. am seriously planning on making cookies later (choco chip, of course; from scratch, of course)
   3. realized a second ago that my flannel sheets from Costco are THE most comfy things on this continent and had to take a quick break from typing so that I could rub my face on them

...and those are things that generally tend to happen every day. Especially #2. And 1. Definitely 3. 
modcloth shirt, gap cotton vest, cookie lee wrap bracelet, jeffrey campbell shoes c/o modcloth
This picture ^ is totally just so you can see my shirt not all scrunched up. But it just gave me an awesome idea. Stay tuned.
B-T-dubs, isn't this chair the greatest? Shane & Tyler found it in someone's trash and took turns carrying it on their heads for about 4 miles so that my apartment could benefit from it. Wasn't that nice? I thought so. Its cushions are still fluffy and it doesn't even smell bad! It's also my sly way of blocking off that recently-made-infamous space behind my fireplace so that people aren't as tempted to go back there and wonder why it's so bare. 

smiles from christen (because smiles are more lovable than an en dash!)


  1. pics are too cute! esp love the one of you peering over your collar. all your posts are adorable and extra witty. way more so than some other weirdo bloggers i've seen altho none even come close to yours in sincerity and originality.
    i mean it. keep up the cool looks and lemme get some of those scratched out cookies ASAP :)

  2. So, I am thinking that jewelrysnob should make an appearance on this blog, motto: if there's no wind row.


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