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the word of the day is

props. They seem cool at first, but then you realize they're no fun. Because if you take them anywhere with you (which you will), you have to keep taking them places with you. What a pain! I'll give you an example. 

My hipster faux glasses. I get all psyched and weird when I remember I have them, so I put them on, I wear them out of the house, I start to get annoyed that my peripheral vision cannot extend beyond thick tortoise shell rims, I let myself get pushed to my limit, I wear them on top of my head for a few minutes, and then I give up completely and just put them on someone else. That someone else inevitably loves the new addition to their otherwise undecorated face, and secretly plans on stealing them...but only for a few minutes until they get sick of them too and give them to another person. It goes on. And in the end, everybody is thankful for me and my faux glasses and the opportunity to wear them for a moment, and to share the temporary feeling of coolness with the person next to them.

You see, that's how I've made most of my friends: getting sick of my props.

Today I'm not wearing my hipster faux glasses because last time I wore them, I despised them and "accidentally" left them somewhere so I never have to deal with them ever again. But now I kind of miss them. So I used, and then didn't use, this chair as a stand-in prop.
anthro sweater, gap vest, uo skirt, j.crew boots, modcloth bracelet, antique chair
This isn't an octopus; it's a faux hipster glasses-less sourpuss.
-christen 8-)

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