skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


business casual

...since I work in an office and everything. NAHT! I'm just running out of ideers for these outfits, so I have to take on different personas in order to come up with more ideas.

This is outfit #19 (I'll be doing a lot of catch up posts today!), and it's because 19 is the aliquot sum of two odd discrete semiprimes 65 and 77, and is the base of the 19-aliquot tree (thanks, Wikipedia) that I'm looking so BA in the picture below. I couldn't help it. There was too much cool mathematical crap going on to look chummy. It actually kind of looks like I'm sleeping standing up. I can't say I've ever done that, but I also can't say I'm not verge on's a real struggle to not be napping at all times.

Below is a closer look at the necklace I'm wearing, A. because it's cool, and B. because Aunt Kim made it. I'm pushing her site again now that I'm actually wearing some of her jewelry, as promised. It's all so pretty. And BA. She's BA too...
 But she's not narcoleptic. -christen

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