skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


my socks & me.

hello and brr. I thought I should complain about the cold today since it seems like everyone else in America is. Which is silly to me 'cause although the weatherman called for 40 and it ended up being about 30 instead, that's still at least 20 degrees warmer than it normally is in Pittsburgh at this time of year. It's called a winter coat, people. Truly does wonders for the chilly willy bo billies of the world.

Speaking of coats, I'm not wearing one! Instead I'm wearing these outrageous socks, and they make me invincible. That's why I managed to sit on this big green metal thing without my lips turning blue. That's also why I managed to chill in this strange hand-on-knee position without getting a drive-by slap in the face. Believe me when I say that strange hand-on-knee positions often secretly mean there's something unbelievably cool going on behind the scenes. Now you know.
urban outfitters tee, urban outfitters cardigan, urban outfitters gray jeans, j.crew socks, I.N.C. oxfords
Shout out to Day 2 of remixing, and to Lindsay H., who's whiz-bang (I just learned that word by typing 'awesome' into the thesaurus, haha!). -christen

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