skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


fall in the winter.

Sadly, for the sake of those who may have caught it out of the corner of their eye and chuckled to themselves for the rest of the day, I didn't fall today. I just feel like I'm wearing fall-ish colors. Or maybe Mardi Gras colors, which makes my outfit sound way more fun. These are two of my favorite colors (three if you count the earrings): eggplant (aubergine if you will) and olive-y green (and turquoise)!

I made a couple of friends this afternoon! They were folks from the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, and they were kind enough to snap these photos for me. The one lady said they get asked to take pictures often since they're always roaming around the parks surrounded in lovebirds. The one dude said I need to get out of the habit of taking sitting-down pictures, that it's not a good pose for optimal outfit viewing.
Okay, not really, but if he had said that, he would've made a good point. :)
j.crew ruffled t-shirt, free people skirt, anthropologie belt, j.crew riding boots
Day 3: tackled (early because I'm going kickboxing). Bring it on, day 4! -christen


  1. i love the olive skirt! i bought one this fall and i wear it constantly! is in my 30x30 picks too ;)

  2. I love that belt!

  3. Thanks, Katie! It goes with so much - definitely a staple in the accessory department for me :)


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