skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


snow white

I mean my outfit is snow white, not my skin. Okay, my skin is too, don't remind me. This outfit feels particularly remix-y to me because I already wore this sweater with this skirt, but this time I pulled the skirt up like a dress! Wild! It was kicky, fun.
I've noticed that people in catalogs who wear random shoes (like the many-shades-of-brown ones with an otherwise all all pale outfit that I've worn) tend to pose in some kind of unnatural position...but the point is to pretend like they just happened to be doing that when the picture was taken. I'm thinking some of the edgier issues of J. Crew, although I may have taken it to an extreme ;)
i.n.c. sweater, anthro skirt (worn as dress), i.n.c. shoes, kookai belt

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