skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


the rain turned to snow and set the city aglow!

j.crew black painter tee, american apparel mini skirt, aa yellow hairbow, aa yellow tights, frye boots
It's always a sad day when one of the proudest cities faces defeat. The streets turn gray, smiles turn to frowns and a certain gloom leaks its way into the ventilation shafts. Yes, I know we lost to the Packers in the heralded Super Bowl 35, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun! On a little patch of greenery sitting in front of the mounted police unit (sadly no rioting called for their attention) we set up camp and found the light in the situation and shmaaw-zowww, we found loads of eerie greens, streaking reds and whatever other fluorescent colors you can pick out. We rocked our fan gear and held our heads high because there's always next year and what glorious times are to come until then. -shane

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