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a day late and a dollar...long?

Howdy, folks. We're a day behind. So pretend like this is Day 7, and then later tonight, when I post today's outfit, you can pretend it's Day 8. GOT YA! You don't actually have to pretend because it is Day 8. See what I did? I tricked you! Tricky, I know.

I was obligated to give you a trick because it's hard to give treats over the internet. Unless you're into...never mind. Let's talk about my post title. I am a day late, but I'm not a dollar short because we're not allowed to buy anything during this fine time called the 30 for 30. I'm the opposite of a dollar short. Get it? (Got it.) Good.
j.crew striped shirt, forever 21 burgundy blazer, anthro skirt, h&m mens socks, i.n.c. oxfords, h&m necklace

Jealous of my bare walls? You should be. This little extra space behind the fireplace was totes a selling point for my apartment, and yet we've done nothing with it. What negligent housekeepers are we. Suggestions on a clever way to decorate my behind-the-fireplace-nook (past the halfway point of me living in my apartment) would be greatly appreciated. Share your ideas with me in the comment box belooow! -christen

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