skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


my shoes & me

Last time I wore crazy yellow-y footwear, I claimed it as sort of my companion in the title. Why not keep consistent? I don't really think they went with my sweater too well (yellow + fawn = ??), but I like them and I haven't worn them yet, so I disregarded any fashion rules that may forbid me from wearing them together. Take that!
i.n.c. sweater, j.crew shirt, citizens of humanity jeans, j.crew boots, gifted necklace (from bethlehem!), vonmirfuerdich bracelet
Here's a close-up of the bracelet I'm wearing. I got it at the I Made It! Market that the Original mag hosted last weekend. I love it <3
Here's a picture of the boots I should be wearing with this outfit, but can't because they aren't a part of my 30. Okay, you broke me down, between you and me, I actually did wear them for most of the day. Not because my dog ate my yellow heels, but because, let's face it, there's no way I'm walking 15 minutes in heels just to get to class and be overdressed. You don't have to cast any spells on me for cheating because karma already took care of that by making me slip on absolutely nothing in public. Satisfied?
(That's Rusty) -christen


  1. RUSTY! that's my doggy's name! love both shoes. if you need a photographer ever, you know my number ;)

  2. I'll be calling you for that veddddy soon, my friend :) -c


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