skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


miss me?

I hath returned! I bet you were worried. I had a serious case of no-internet, which is obviously an easy fix if you just press the power button a few times. You can imagine my confusion when I approached the internet box to find that there are no buttons on it. So I turned right back around and just clicked the Safari icon on my computer 15-20 times over the weekend, and frowned when it said there was no internet. Yes, frowned. It seemed appropriate at the time.

Today is 'Day 14,' but only outfit 11. I think. Oh no, now I can't even remember. Well either way, today is Valentine's Day! And all you folks out there who think it's a pointless holiday, to you I bear the palm of my hand and say "talk to the left, 'cause you ain't right!" (Okay, it's funnier in person.) It's supposed to be a holiday for nice things to happen, and that's it. A simple point, but not point-less. I didn't wear pink or red or anything for Valentine's Day, but I probably would have if my remix selection allowed for me to...I should've planned ahead. At least for this holiday I won't get pinched!

We had fun shooting today - it wasn't frigid for once, and it was nice to have a colorful background to cheer up the gloomy day. We should've taken a picture of the whole mural...darn it. Oh well, you should just go see it for yourself, it's on the side of Sorrento's. Go after 8pm because obviously nothing can beat a $5 pizza.
target flannel shirt, anthro skirt, lucky brand duck boots, vintage red beaded nekclace, j.crew enamel bracelet

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