skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


le premier jour.

So there's this wall:
And I definitely think it's a hideous-looking wall (Shane thinks such a statement should be forbidden from the blog), but at the same time, I dig the concept of murals enough to not mind it when I walk past it every day. I thought the backdrop would be a nice alternative to my fire escape, which you will most likely see in enough of my pictures to start feeling like you live there. I think it would be a dingy place to live. But you may disagree.

In attempt to create a makeshift tripod, I drug a giant, wet, monster of a recycling bin into the middle of someone's driveway, somehow snapping what once was my necklace, and is now an abstract representation of my former necklace. I tried to fix it, but it outsmarted me. I tried to keep my act together on this dreary day of a solo photoshoot, but *sigh* I was overall damp and frizzy and I have a leak in my boot (everyone knows that wet socks=not OK).
free people charcoal blue sweater, forever 21 orange dress, j.crew brown riding boots, forever 21 necklace
So I screamed at the top of my lungs * and decided to go home. 

* Not really, I was just faking. Anyways, it was (is) time to go to aerobics! Now I'm going to kickbox brain-created holographic images of...hmm...I was going to say 'my former necklace' to stick with the theme, but I'm actually not that bent up about it. So I'll probably just kickbox air. That's what I normally do. -christen

p.s. happy day 1 of the winter 30 for 30!

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  1. adorable look, love the color pairings!


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