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is this a fashion blog or a cooking blog?

Somehow, again, something delicious (and other than pasta) was cooked in this apartment. And because of it, I'm insisting that the overall notion that I'm not domestic be un-notioned or whatever. Because this stuff was gooooood. 

It's called Pineapple Fried Rice, a Thai dish that my ole buddy, ole pal Noelle has ordered so many times that she decided to learn how to make it. I was her sous chef last night. So was her boyfriend, Desch. Shane was named VIP taste tester. Here's what came of our cooking extravaganza! 
Unlike the photos of my eggplant salad toasts, which were taken in terrible lighting, this meal was actually orange-ish in color. It matched my plates and bowls! I would tell you how to create such a marvelous meal, but the recipe is a page and a half long, and I don't want to take that extra step toward carpel tunnel for no reason. So email us ( if you would like to recipe. Trust me, you want it. 

And as if that wasn't enough, we continued the gluttony by frying up some bananas and shoveling them into our mouths with ice cream & chocolate syrup.
It's better than a banana split. Because it's fried.

*And now, for something completely different.*

As you can see by our shiny and new pink badge to the left, we're about to dive into something wonderful, yet scary: The 30 for 30, dun dun dun. Read this post from Kendi's blog to figure out what the heck that is. And be prepared for February 1st, 'cause here we come, a dose a day.

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