skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


[insert title here]

on him: urban outfitters flannel shirt, bullhead gray jeans, vans mt. edition seakers; on me: j.crew shirt, american apparel skirt, modcloth circle scarf, vintage belt, modcloth double buckle wedges
So, here's what happened. I thought we were looking kinda spiffy the other day, and we just happened to have our pal Lacy with us, so a light bulb lit up above my head and I said, "Hey! Since we only keep Lacy around to do us favors, we might as well put her to good use and stick her behind a camera," or something like that (or nothing like that). And because we weren't even doing anything cool, Shane's premonition of having nothing to write about surrounding these pictures ended up being quite accurate. Darny darn. Soooo, I guess all you have to gain from this post is warm fuzzies inside from looking at pictures of us being cute. No need to thank me. I live to please.
(These are a little blurry 'cause it was frrrigid out and we were all big bundles of shivers! We're all about equal opportunity for photos here; no place for hate)

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