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You know how you're looking at me right now thinking, "Wow, what a large smattering of color in Christen's outfit today"? Well, I equipped this outfit with a trick. It's called the ha!-I'm-still-wearing-earth-tones maneuver. I pull it all the time. Ornery of me, I know. 

Today you get to see magic happen in 'the woods.' Sit back and imagine the voice of Susan (the British female [the one with a deep voice] setting on your GPS) narrating you through this marvelous stroke of good fortune.
One day, Christen felt something peculiar about her shoe, so she decided to take a closer look and see what ever could be causing this disarray. Curiously, she found nothing.
She carried on, shivering in the winter weather, and hoping nobody would take notice of her elephant ankles. But, oh! Christen realized her upper body was not in the frame!
modcloth dress, anthropologie hat, anthropologie belt, rustic roots* bracelet, j.crew tights, modcloth shoes
She bent down so that her face could be seen, crossing her fingers (metaphorically) that none would regard the hole she mended in the knee of her orange tights, with brown thread, but quickly found that the pose looked terribly cheesy. Something needed to be done!
'Ah, much better,' she thought to herself as she kicked one ankle behind the other. But still, such a bothersome feeling under her toes. She took another look, and...
Aha! Nothing but a silly old penny. The end.

We need to clear one thing up. This isn't actually how the story went. Really, I found the penny almost immediately, and then everything else happened. But if I were to reveal the cool part at the beginning, you wouldn't have been nearly as electrified. That I know for sure.

*This needs to be mentioned. Rustic Roots was an awesome little shop in my hometown near Pittsburgh, owned by an even more awesome chick named Merrit. The shop is no longer there, I may have shed a tear over it, let's not talk about it. -christen

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  1. I read this in the British accent like you suggested, and I really think it made the story a million times better. (: Love the blog!


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