skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.



olive bullhead jeans, billabong dream tee, old navy scout jacket, element hat
A step out my backdoor and I find myself in a windblown hollow of this world's treasured landscape.  I come from a family of hikers and if you haven't gathered, I did some hiking this holiday break.  From quarries, to hydro-electric powerplant reservoirs to my neighbor's farmland there is always new terrain to cover, nature to trudge through while the wind whips your face.
dark blue levi's 511 jeans, levi trucker jacket
It takes loads of the right stuff to be a person of True Grit.  You need the guts, the willingness to lead a long and lonely life at times, and know you might spill a little blood along the trail.  But even if we don't take down the bad guys or jump in front of the next stray bullet to save a friend, we can still show our own true grit in climbing that cliff of loose stones or braving the steep mountain goat path down to the river.  So get out and roam the land like our ancestors once did and feel the vastness of mother earth in each trickling stream and awesome lookout.
The latest installment from the Coen Brothers is a straight shooting story of vengeance and outlaws finding themselves while in the heart of Indian country.  "It wasn't ground breaking but still a good movie," says the fellow 3 rows up as we exit the theater.  He was right.  It was sincerely good but movie-goers are more and more often looking for the movie of the year instead of, say, a good old fashioned wild west rodeo.  The next movie you go see forget about the 3-D special effects and focus on the character out there pushing the limit, shooting if he has to shoot, and having love at his very core; just like all of us.-shane

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