skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


we'll talk, talk, talk about... much fun we had, yeah! 
Glass art by Dale Chihuly. Lobby of Phipps Conservatory
I'm always tempted to title posts something about the sun, but I don't want to get too predictable, so I decided to use lyrics from a song that says something about the sun in it. But not the 'sun' lyrics themselves. Get it? Either way it's a great song. And the reason I'm so caught up over the sun is because...

Preeeetty much the best part about every day is the fact that even though the temp is dropping at a puzzling stagger, it's still sunny much of the time. And don't let the crotchety weather moodsters of Pittsburgh get you down by telling you that's not true--we promise to only blog on beautiful days to keep you thinking It's Always Sunny in Pittsburgh =P
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See, I'm squinting from the brightness and everything! 
(Secretly I just squint when I smile...hehe) Look at my ridiculously cool hairpiece that Shane swindled for me from Nature! And it just so happens that a big house of nature was the destination that day--Phipps Conservatory. It was in its transition between a Halloween gargoyle theme and tacky Christmas theme, wasn't too impressive in that aspect, but some of the plants were insane-looking!
I can't remember what the flower above was called, but I think it's so lovely! Each different flower took on its own distinct personalities, it gave us such glee to take pictures of them and try to refrain from touching/interacting with them. We may have slipped up a few times, oops! The Bird of Paradise, below, is lookin' pretty insect-y to me. Eww!
And last but certainly not least (in fact, most), we ventured into the Amazon room and found this wonderful little trickle of water that each time I think back on, seems bigger and bigger, and now I've decided is a waterfall...and came all too close to knocking each other in trying to climb on the rocks. Hilarious and terrifying. And so much fun. -christen
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