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dag nabbit...

I let myself get a day behind again. I have a feeling this is going to keep happening on the weekends (which start on Thursday for me). Gotta give it to bloggers who keep on schedule. [APPLAUSE]

Yesterday was one of those wonderful days that I sneeze about 6 times within the first minute of walking outdoors because it's so bright and sunny. Meanwhile, everyone else was sneezing at my sweater. What can I say? I have that effect on people...wink, wink.

Here are some, ya know, pictures of me. 
anthropologie sweater, hand-me-down-from-mom anthropologie pants, handmade necklace, jeffrey campbell c/o modcloth shoes
It definitely looked like the floor was going to crumble and drop me into a black hole via chute of colorful swirls and flying objects from my childhood, but alas, the floor remained in tact. 
(me unconvincingly pretending to fly away)
(me unconvincingly acting like a high fashion model (although isn't it cool that it turns into a hood?!))

This is an unbelievably cool necklace that my broski got for me at Handmade Arcade a couple years ago. It's a dude's tie twisted all up into a beaded necklace! I couldn't get it to sit right on my cowl neck collar thingy after that 'high fashion' pose, but eh, you get the idea...

And speaking of handmade jewelry, I'm going to use this opportunity to plug my aunt's handmade jewelry blogggg, Jewelry Snob! I'll talk about her again when I'm actually wearing a necklace that she has made. That might make sense.
That's it! -christen

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