skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


never enough pretty lights

After nearly forgetting I shot these pics, I looked around and realized my floor is no longer crowded with 4 weird and wonderful nomad friends, a moon mat, (check these things out! most comfortable recycled item I've come across to date) countless tie-dyed shirts and the incessant sounds of electro music pumping out my front window.  I miss it all, but looking through these photos of galactic design I notice something totally organic about the forms and patterns of light which, to me, calms the inevitable passage of time.  Slinking snakes, skeletal ghosts and twisters of rainbow xylophones lit up our world as if the entire output of the Chinese New Year was crammed into a big screen TV box.  The contradiction I find in man-made objects, able to produce such cosmic whirlpools of lights with a simple human movement, reminds me that no matter how much alkaline, steel and petrol needed to create our world full of junk, all you have to do is have a little fun with it and the results will astound you in the most elementary ways.

full immersion

the master revealed

lets all live in the center

there are genies at the end of every light trail..

Take from them what you wish and if you get a chance to see Pretty yourself a favor and GO.
Btw those luscious beats you're probably bobbing your head to right now are classic PL. 
Soak it in.

catch ya on the flip side,


  1. dude i like almost cried readin the begining aaha. love you man. ill b back soon enough to invade your floor again mwuahhahahaha

  2. haha it was definitely a post in honor of the wonderful wookfest we had. can't wait for the next one


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