skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


back in action! (maybe)

Ohhhh, my friends, what can I say? I'm starting to realize the challenge of blogging: it's easy to take pictures of your outfits every day, but it's a totally different story to come up with something worthwhile to tell you to go along with it. That's why our interactions have been fleeting :) But we're learning! And hey, maybe this will end up being a bit of a confidence booster, this blog...maybe it'll help me learn that everything I have to say is important! Hehe, cheesy, I know. I'm trying! 

Well anyways, look at my kick-butt shoes! Last semester, into this past summer, I was a Writing Team intern at, before they moved parts of the company from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, and in my final week, some of my coworkers (who are all awesome) told me I just have to get a pair of platforms. So I did, and of course they're my favorite shoes I've ever owned. I was sort of just playing dress up in these pictures, taken on Friday, in some spare time between writing a paper and...writing a paper, but then I decided to wear it out that night (although I ditched the platforms for some opaque black tights and boots - brr!)!

h&m dress, vintage belt, modcloth shoes

If all goes as planned, you guys will be seeing an influx of posts coming up! But since we're stuuuudents, you know, nothing's guaranteed. We'll get the hang of it eventually! In the mean time, check me out on chictopia. You'll probably see some overlap outfits (college budget = limited wardrobe, sort of), but I try to update my blog on there as much as I can. See you soon! -christen

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