skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


my 15 minutes.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter already know how I felt about this outfit at the time that I wore it (yesterday). But the truth is that I felt good in it. It was a very self-centered good feeling, I must confess, and let me take this as an opportunity to shamelessly gloat. FTW now presents you with...
modcloth sweater, f21 culottes, modcloth heels
The Christen Cardigan! (ooooh, ahhhh, ohhhh!)
Seem clown-ish to you? That's okay! You're not alone! In fact, the reason it's named after me is because, during one of the ModCloth Writing Team's daily product naming brainstorm sessions about a year ago, I was the only one of the bunch who didn't giggle at this sweater. I might've giggled, actually. But only in glee. 
The more I wear it, the more I like it! Especially now that everyone in the world who is wearing basically wearing me. Which is a concept I never thought I'd desire, until the day came. And now, I must admit, I'm on a bit of a power trip. 

The I'm-a-celebrity-so-I-can-do-what-I-want type. Pretty soon you'll all be spotting pictures of me getting into trouble, on magazine covers as you check out at the grocery store. Oh, what a shame. I always thought she was such a nice girl, you'll say...and all this, because of the sweater. You go wild, too, if you were me.
It's good to be back 'n bloggin'. Love to all!

<3 christen

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  1. I absolutely love that cardigan! It's ruffly-ness is right up my alley!


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