skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


one hand wonder.

Welp. I did it again. I managed to not only paint my nails, but to paint them pretty spiffy...spiff...uhh, spiffily? This is a new phenomenon. But of course I was hit with the age old question of, How on earth am I supposed to do this to the other hand?!! Perhaps a question she can answer. But not I.
Remember these faux hipster glasses? They're an instant intelligence booster. We couldn't figure out why people weren't taking advantage of this wonderful open space filled with wonderfully cushiony and perfectly green grass! Maybe if there were more out there who took that leap and slid some FH glasses behind their ears, they'd be granted with the smarts to grab a frisbee and scoot on over. Clearly they're what gave us the idea. Ah ha! That's it, I've decided I'm never letting these things go, ever again!
susana monaco dress, vintage hand-me-down necklace, kookai belt, i.n.c. oxfords
Anyways, I caught wind that September is National Be Kind to Writers & Editors Month, and I think that's just dandy! Sunflowers are my favorites, and I prefer dark chocolate - drizzled with a little white chocolate if you really wanna pamper me...just sayin'!



  1. Love the oxfords with your pretty dress! :) And I'm always a fan of glasses. :D

  2. why, thank you! they're silly, but so much fun :)



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