skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


bright lights in the dead of night

image: frank franzetta, wolves, 1965
Since our last post, we've packed in more face shredding and eye-ball popping activities than we can even remember.  Between bike modifications for my job delivering subs at Jimmy Johns (whose subs rock, btw) and setting out to light up the night like a wild pack of electronic coyotes we've barely had time to sit back and revel at a few photographs or even say a few words about the past weekend and how it absolutely kicked ass.  So this post is as much for me as it is for you, our beloved followers whom we'd be nothing without (sounds a little more dark wizard than it should, but we love you--simple as that).  To be quite frank about it, i'd be lost in a swirling pool of my own photos, videos and memories without this interweb brain-swap.  Nothing would get organized or get sorted for any kind of second-viewing.  This simple little blog of us trying to connect with you, is the perfect platform to do some, often vague type of transfer from our brains to yours.  We all just want that small hint of reality that we have some similar minds out amidst the massive pit of humanity we live in.  So enjoy this seemingly random mess of photos and yeah, we'd love a comment, but we're damnblasted happy if you simply stop in for a visit and ride a brain wave or two. 

midnight rebirth

everybody do the light stick toss around the invisible tree, oh yeah 

portals do exist
before and after, limited tools leads to long, frustrating nights..completion was sweeet
it's as luscious as it looks. chocolate on top of cheesecake plus the fluffiest vanilla cake for christen's 22nd birthday! 

what if cake came as big as this giant dalmation?..just too insane

and to top off adventurous weekend, here lies the remnants of our tastiest indulgence. we used what we had and never looked back. RIP 7-layer dip

cheers me mateys,


  1. "more face shredding and eye-ball popping activities than we can even remember."

    sheesh, that shredded my face just reading it! glad you had fun + that cake looks AMAZING.


  2. haha, right? i totally agree! thanks for stoppin' by!

    -christen :)


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