skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


iron spires and other ideal things

Today we discovered a fire escape that was slightly cooler than mine. I knew they had to exist somewhere in the world, but I'd conveniently denied it until today I could no more. I suppose I'll just have to camp out there until its current residents realize it must have been granted to me by the fire escape gods and move out, leaving their apartment fully furnished and paid off. That would be ideal.
Said residents caught me posing on it, which was awkward. But we held our ground and got past Step 1 of the 6-Step Plan, which consisted of them pretending like they didn't notice us. Also ideal.
anthro blouse, vintage necklace, j.crew shorts, j.crew heels
Shane had to scale a roof to get some of these shots...we figured out it's the roof of his soon-to-be new apartment, so he should be well acquainted when he moves in. How ideal! =]


  1. Amazing photos - I love finding location's such as this, your location is fab! And your outfit is really cute =D xoxo

  2. These are some fabulous shots, especially the one with you sitting on the chain! Very well done! :) Loving the outfit and use of color as well! Great post! Follow each other?

  3. Ha! Nope. It rained too bad to go anywhere :)

  4. well at least you got some great photos! ;)


  5. Love your shorts! and how you pair all these wonderful colours together! lovely!x


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