skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


you gotta fight for your right!

I figured since I mentioned how my fire escape met its match in the last post, I'd retreat back to show it off to new viewers. That, or Shane was at work and it's the most convenient outdoor location to use the camera timer. But that's embarrassing, so we'll just stick with the first one. :)
target hat, lucky brand necklace, j.crew tank, zara paris scarf as belt, cuff bracelet (R hand) was a gift, cuff bracelet (L hand) martin & osa, free people skirt, payless wedges
Speaking of embarrassing things, it's been me against the world thus far when it comes to this hat. According to all my friends, it has inappropriate jokes just radiating off it and I must be kidding every time I wear it. So normally I don't, which is sad, because I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't find it quirky and fun! But the combination of inspiration from a chictopia user (unfortunately I can't recall which!), and the fact that I was alone aaaaall daayyyy, allowed me to talk myself into to taking a stand and make my love for this hat public. Muah ha ha ha ha!
So what do you guys think...hat, or no hat? (Please say 'hat,' please say 'hat'...)

PS ~ remember this scarf from a couple posts ago? Too versatile to be true!


  1. Of course hat! Never bow to peer pressure.

  2. oh and love the music, too- guess i'm a little late with comments, huh? finally catching up after the trip :)

  3. thanks, mama! i was wondering how the music would go over..glad you like it!


  4. yes on the hat, tell your peeps I say it's versatile,some UV/eye protection, and simply adorable.(-; On top of that layer of legit reason flap jacks... my philosophy, if you have the confidence to pull it off, you can flippin' pull it off! (and you can pull the hat off)

    p.s. if this is what you do when you are home alone bored all day, CALL ME! I want to play! This is great! talk to you soon, I need to because I want to talk to you about blogging (!!!) <---- one of my many pockets of excitement


  5. girl, you KNOW what peeps (or peep) has a problem with this should get one too so we can sing and dance in them in front of the goober and make him learn the hard way that they rock! thanks for the encouragement lol

    I'll give you a buzzy buzz later today :) love ya girl, your support is mucho appreciated! <3



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