skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


22, woo!

Saturday was my birthday, and although it would've been really spectacular of me to eat 22 slices of birthday cake, or shoot 22 fireworks from between my teeth, or get 22 tattoos, I instead figured I'd just gather some friends together and make a mess in my apartment. A sober mess. A mess that I would later have to clean up myself. Thanks for your inspiration, Katie.
First, I grabbed some paper and arranged it rainbowfully (we've established in the past that the lighting in my apt. is weird, and that nobody knows how to use the settings on my camera, so just trust me that it looked pretty!).
 Then I stuffed it in the retro Osterizerrrr that Lacy's madre so kindly passed down to me, and blend, blend, blended that shiz up!
Cheers, m'dears!
This is where the mess was created. So messy your brain can't even comprehend it, and it's registering as a blurry image to your poor innocent eyes! But not as messy as if they were real drinks we were tossing in the air, so that's a bonus.
Birthday pic! One which portrays how I am truly a horrible model - constantly in motion - so let this be a tribute to Shane, for somehow using his camera to trick you into thinking I'm actually standing still most of the time. It's all a lie. But a good lie! Go Shane!


PS - Shane is on a trip to Colorado with his family (lucky dog), and will soon be posting exclusive footage of his travels on the very blog you're reading right now, taken from his new GoPro helmet cam! Stay tuned!


  1. LOVE the blenderized confetti! Love it!! (in a sing-song voice) :D Love, Mom

  2. Whoohoo! Looks like an awesome time! Happy 22nd! I turn 22 in October, super excited about that!

  3. Thanks, Colby! 22 seems like it might be an extra boring age to turn (because how could you possibly compare to turning 21?), but it's actually pretty dang fun...because birthdays are fun in general. So, I hope i can remember to wish you a happy bday in october, but if i don't..HB early!



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