skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


baseball banquet food chain

I'm lucky enough to still play a sport in college, and our end of year banquets are always a trip. Players are late, still in bed, dressed in clothes reeking of beer, and/or at the wrong location to begin with.  We're in college and therefore allowed to mess up, am I right?  But a few times a year, I'm given the precious invite to one of my younger brother's many sports banquets.
Now, I don't easily forget a banquet experience, so I know when and what type of food is served, where the ordeal takes place and exactly how long the ceremonies last. Needless to say, I plan accordingly and drive separate when necessary. Last night's banquet lacked neither raucous high school banter nor delicious food and gave me a reason to dress in something other than my monotonous jeans and t-shirt work outfit. When the buffet line opened I stocked up on buttery corn, thick mashed potatoes and succulent roast beef, but what really got me laughing was the banter between players and the surprising ease of acceptance into the gang as I bellied up next to my brother and co. ousting many other late comers and teammates for seats at the round table. As the awards ceremony began I slyly snuck out the back and vanished with a full stomach and a memory full of laughter. I snapped some pics by this historic cabin and drove my 3-cylinder Jetta (normally a 4-cylinder but technical difficulties had her only firing on 3) home in a torrential downpour, then slipped into a food coma and the rest is forgotten history.
perry ellis glasses, royal blue h&m button up, steel blue bullhead jeans, sperry loafers
calvin klein belt
Overall, it was a night of hilarious, never-ending commentary and a priceless view back into my own beloved high school sports team moments.


  1. lovely pictures;)

  2. merci beaucoup :) hope you're enjoying the start to summer!


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