skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


creatures (for a while)

When we hit the soft dirt trail yesterday at Tuquan Glen Nature Preserve, our feet had not a clue of the magic that awaited their eager tread.  We softly slid over trees with root systems whose organic growth patterns outmatched even London's beautiful, flowing street grid.
Moss bedded springs met us at every turn and the stream reflected only the purest shades of green and sunlight.
Some things never seem more real and yet so far distant from our normal everyday surroundings. This place was the definition of such a dreamy contradiction and all the more stunning because of it. Nearing the end of our hike to the Susquehanna River we rocked-hopped right past the smallest, intriguing creature we've ever laid eyes upon. As we swept baby turtle off his tiny clawed feet our hearts turned to jelly and our mouths instantly curved into massive smiles.
I must admit young turtle attempted multiple escapes to the river by hurdling himself off rock faces and flipping as far as possible but he undoubtedly enjoyed his travels at human height and added yet another charming experience into our cosmic voyage into the woods. We returned the little bugger near his place of abduction and hope he lives a long prosperous life. So venture to the edge, dive deep inside and dance with the fluidity of timestretched organic material. Return with everlasting enjoyment and appreciation for our earthen brethren.
Trek on my friends


  1. You both are too cute.

  2. Baby turtles are the shit. So are you two

  3. YOU guys are awesome. The love is so much appreciated :) -christen

  4. Awe such a cute little reptile! Your writing is amazing and such a joy to read, thanks!

  5. Oh, p.s. I am in the states visiting right now or should I say I am visiting suburbia.

  6. Bre - thank you so much for your kind words! Have a pleasant visit, and a safe trip back to Hamburg.

    :) christen


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