skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


if only skeleton boys could B-reel

I have this really cool friend.  He's full of really cool ideas--some for the money, some for the exposure and others just for the sheer challenge.  A few weeks ago I had my own idea about this idea-making machine.
I call it Art O.D.  Somewhere in the midst of discussing B-reel (roll) filming plans, pinpointing the countless photo shoot spots around town and how we can all team up to work for our own collective hiphopphotographyfilmwriting crew I had the genius idea to make a show for the tele called Art O.D.  The basic gist of the show would be a raucous idea-creator spitting out ideas like there's no tomorrow.  Meanwhile, myself and the crew are frantically trying to coordinate all the projects and get them done in a timely fashion.  As you might have guessed we simply can't keep up and drown ourselves in the images, paint, paper and various supplies of half-assed attempts at coherent art, hence the overdose in the title.  Would any of you watch it?  Why not, right?  If it's on TV someone will most definitely watch it.  All this overdosing on art ideas and projects didn't end right then.  My next question was WHAT IS B-REEL FOOTAGE!?  Currently, between Christen and I only a few feasible ideas have come to mind--stock footage of animals/scenic views of the natural and built environment and anything not involving people who would have to be specific actors.  I encourage any readers to shout out a good idea or two and maybe you can be on the pilot episode of Art O.D. when it all comes to a crashing halt before we get started on the next insane project!  This sideshow film footage stuff could be my calling.
Friendly Fires-Skeleton Boy
By now you might ask where all these negative-Ned brain waves are sprouting from and I'll tell you.  Not a day goes by that I don't see or hear some type of artistic endeavor that fails to absolutely blow my mind.  Be it painstakingly animated music videos or lyrics to a song that sincerely sound as if they were written with myself in mind I get caught in this funk of flatlined feelings.  Does the massive wheel of ingenuity of the world ever stop, sit down and truly enjoy the absurd amount of delicious candy it creates?  I guess this is my message to you--take a deep breath of your favorite flavored air some night, dim the lights and go hunt down something off the main grid of web-born mediastreams.  Keep clicking and searching, and delving deeper into artspace until you find something that trips you back into so much nostalgic bliss you'll be left to ponder why we ever move forward and why we can't move behind.  Posted above is a recent treasure found during a walk down my own path of intermeddling and a personally shot pic (see below) that I feel displays the cosmic oceans of exceptional art that awaits your arrival.
Happy trails my friends.


  1. Steve The GoalieMay 8, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    If only we could stop time at will, rewind to previous escapades, and then resume life as if nothing happened. As far as ideas go, we watched "The Other Guys" (Will Farrell, Mark Wahlberg) -- which was decent, funny at parts but drawn out...overall C+/B- --- and one scene was their entire night out in still frames. like they all took place in the bar, but as the camera moved through the bar it was just their still frames like suspended...kind of floating still but frozen. (like if you freeze iTunes it like continues to float around the screen). anyway, we thought it was a wild idea with the liquid being spilled in mid air and such. just a thought.

  2. pictures and still are such a wild idea to think about. Literally a single instance in time frozen forever and how our brains can insta-connect back to it and feel what we felt in that moment. I'll never understand how that really works or why we can cheat the system but I love it. Next dj mikekim throwdown I'm most definitely going to attempt a stillframe dance scene. Thanks for the idea and much appreciation for reading this warbled mess of things we post. See ya soon Steve-0


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