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a new take on an old classic

In the never ending debate over whether Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudels are tastier (is this a nationwide debate, or are my friends and I stuck in junior high?), I'm finding more and more that Pop Tarts fall in the sorry second. So yesterday, Lacy and I decided to give them a chance for a comeback by making our own, inspired by this recipe from Smitten Kitchen!
And yes, kids, definitely try this at home. We filled ours with cinnamon sugar & brown sugar, strawberry jelly (a crowd favorite), and Nutella. The only thing we wished we would have added is a little icing on top, but they were healthier without it anyways :) They aren't difficult to make at all, are ultra delicious, and are much more filling than your average store bought Pop Tart! In fact, they were so filling that we sort of...
...zonked afterwards ;) (isn't she adorable?!) The next homemade snack from the past we want to make are whole wheat goldfish crackers. Can any of you recommend a recipe for homemade versions of old favorites?



  1. wow what a great idea! love it. seems easy enough, too. which is a major point of meaning for me. must be very simple. :) <3

  2. Thank you for your kind words! You should defffinitely try making these and experiment with different fillings. they were a hit among my pals :)



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