skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


why saturday was superb

^My beautiful girly-friends, Lacy and Laura, who I convinced a few folks were my sisters, and Ty (photographer), took a trip to the SouthSide!
on lacy: target tee, target skirt; on laura: american eagle dress, h&m belt; on christen: velvet shirt dress, anthropologie necklace, kookai belt and mossimo belt, modcloth shoes
^And we even matched! Coincidence? I think not. Corny? Wouldn't have it any other way.
^We went to the Chili Cook-off together (like, soup chili - don't be fooled by these blow up chillies. And hey, might as well throw it in there that the weather was anything but chilly). We got to walk around and try a bunch of samples, then vote for who we thought had the most delicious chili. 
^We were thrilled to find an I Made It! Market in an empty store by the festival. Ty got a clay dino and a children's-book-turned-sketchbook (we were all drooling over their coolness and cleverness of this), and I got a rock with a bird painted on it. Don't ask why, I just couldn't leave without it (thanks, Lace, for the 50 cents!)
^As if the chili wasn't filling enough, we cruised over to Hofbrauhaus and got Bier cheese fries. Seriously, go there. Get these. You will strongly consider a second order, and I can't honestly discourage you from doing so.
^We took cues from all the little kids and took a run through the fountain for a nice cool-off.
^...and then did some hardcore loungin' (and sketchin' in Ty's new book!). We figured if the world was going to end any moment, we might as well get comfy. Thankfully, we survived that prediction ;)
^Look what we saw before we left! The world's most insane looking dog (in a good way, but also sort of a terrifying way). The only thing missing from the best Saturday ever was Shane!


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