skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


hit it!

I'll be the bass, you fill in the rest...
[boon doom doom do doon doom doom do boom boon doon do doon]
j.crew toggle sweater, j.crew striped top (gift), j.crew cords, j.crew belt (mom's), lucky brand earrings (gift), bracelet from trip to colorado (mom's), j.crew socks, i.n.c. shoes c/o macy's, modcloth scarf (below)
Ok, now my guitar solo, you rock the roots...
[bleeee deedee deedee, weeoow wowowmowow ziggaziggazooowww]
Lemme get those drums, show me what you got...
[bph bph (tss tss-tss) zigaadabop! bop! bop! bop!]
Whew! Awesome job. Now smiiiiile...
And bow... (it's okay if you tie your shoe while you're down there)
Thank you, thank you, we'll see you all next week!


Photos by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.


  1. Ok those oxford's are adorable! Love shades of brown and the mustard socks!


  2. thanks so much, v! you can definitely find some surprising gems at macy's ;)



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