skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


imaginary enemy.

Well, I've reached the end.The end of something and the start of everything. No more papers, no more deadlines, no more chiseling away at tiny pieces of wood and ramming dried-baby's breath into cardboard for architecture models. No more, but just for now. Next semester is a far cry from today and nearly invisible when considering the amount of bass standing between myself and the new year. So in light of being burned at both ends (can't think of a better tattoo for a better man) for the past 4-odd months, I thought a simple visual aid would do the trick of telling my story. In my mind, I made it through the harsh realities of fall semester with flying colors. (Some colors flew at half mast, but when you get colors to fly at all, you have to just sit back and enjoy, right?!)  
volcom striped longsleeve, stonewashed Levi 514 jeans, H&M race jacket, various knit beanies
I often beat myself up, and sometimes more than I think, but as long as it's all good hearty beatings with no lingering effects, I usually emerge a new spirit with a head full of great memories of all those nasty whippings ;)



  1. Love it. The dude throwin' the bows is my fave.

  2. gif is sweet, especially with the emancipator remix oh my


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