skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


self help.

This morning, to steal the words of my friend and coworker, Beth, I felt like my aura was spilling out of my body. I know. So I made the conscious decision to embrace it and not reject it, by clothing myself in basically no color whatsoever. 
modcloth dress, macy's sweater, lucky brand necklace, h&m flower in hair, j.crew boots
Later in the day, though, I had had enough lethargy, as it was being fueled by a minor case of self-pity that I was feeling lethargic. It was a sorry cycle that needed to end, and below are my attempts at destroying this biscuit colored dullness. Starting with rock 'n' roll yoga...
Next, doing what must be done at least once each time this dress (which as become one of my favorites that I own because of its easiness to wear due to shape & length) - spins galore...
And finally, I call this one...staring at the ground. Or rather, pleasantly and contentedly gazing at the ground, which...well...
I suppose that between these three easy activities you can try at home, some sort of magic was created that fixed my aura issues right up!
...and I never looked back again. ;)


Photos by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.

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